About Us

As two small town girls from eastern Kentucky, we are much more familiar with mountains than pools and beaches, but like most women we live for finding the perfect, most flattering swimsuits we can when vacation season rolls around -- and we take pride in sharing our high-quality finds with you, our girl gang.


We take our time in stocking luxury bikinis and monokinis that will turn heads and have the compliments flying whenever your slip into one -- but don't blame us when you post on Instagram and your DMs overflow!


In all seriousness, thank you for supporting this small, black women-owned business. It's filled with our love and personalities and every time you hit 'Add to Cart' we do a happy dance! 



Ginger and Selena

Persuasion Swimwear-82.jpg
Persuasion Swimwear-82.jpg

Our Mission

To provide a well-rounded collection of unique, high-quality swimwear styles for active women.

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Get to Know Us

Hometown: Hazard, Kentucky (Both of us. We grew up together!)

Age: 31! (Yes, both of us - Ginger is 3 weeks older.) 

Zodiac signs: Cancer (Again, both of us - and that can be both a good and bad thing.)

Kids: Ginger has 1 son, Cassius! (Bonus points if you know where he got his name.)

Current cities: Selena lives in the DMV. Ginger lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Persuasion Swimwear-55.jpg